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1995 Range Rover Headliner

On this project we recovered the headliner with the existing board since it was in good shape our customer saved about 1200 dollars on a new one.We also recovered the moonroof to match new material. If your headliner looks like this we can get you going in and out in a day without having to purchase a whole new board. come in today and get a free estimate.

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2008 Mustang GT – Custom Interior with Embroidery Work

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In this Mustang project we reupholstered the inserts in black peforated leather to match the exsisting two two door panels. We recovered the Headliner,visors, pillars, and Package tray in Black Ultra suede. On the headrest on both driver and passenger seats and the trunk lid with the Mustang symbol stitched in to match the existing symbol that is outside of the car. The trunk is custom made and covered in Gray/black ultrasuede to match the interior also able to be taken out to have access to the Emergency kit and the spare tire.

1969 E-Type Jaguar 4.2L

In This 1969 E-Type 4.2l Jaguar We teamed up with Sorrento Valley Collision as they did the bodywork as we added a new top to this classic convertible. With the heavy grained vinyl as they used when it was new everything authentic on this beautiful piece.

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Automotive Upholstery Commercial @ Ar-Jay’s Upholstery

1968 Dodge Charger R/T – Custom Carpeting and Interior

In This 1968 Dodge Charger we are very excited to start work on so far we are in the brainstorming of reviving this classic. From Carpeting to the headliner. So Far we took out all the Seats, Carpeting and under-mating. Installed R-Blox for sound deadening. Keep posted as we will post new pictures as we go.

With New R-Blox Sound Deadener and new undermatting we created new carpet from scratch with Black Binding all around the edges of the carpeting. We Will be installing the seats till we get a go ahead to reupholster these seats. Our next photos will have the seats and seat belts in the Charger R/T.

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1951 Ford Woody Complete Interior Resoration

This 1951 ford woody is a classic with a two tone Brown and beige interior with a restoration of the black mats and and powder coated seat frames. New panel screws and and windlace. In the rear the wheel wells are covered to match the seats with a french seam across the top. The seats has new foam and powder coated springs. With durable yet comfortable vinyl with a classic look.

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