1962 Chevorlet Nova with Blue Convertible top

In this Classic 1962 Chevy Nova we changed out the old top and replaced it with a Brand new top. New Strataglass window as well. If you have a project please visit our website for a free estimate today!

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1964 Lincoln Continental Final stages

Here are the Final stages of our project on the 1964 Lincoln continental Installation of all components and carpeting.We now have the finished results of the lincoln with a three stage polish to the paint of this classic Come in now for a free estimate.

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Custom Fiberglass Speaker Box Covered in Black Vinyl

We are teaming up with San Diego Stereo to Design Build and Upholster a Custom Speaker Box. We will be updating as we go. If you would like to have something similiar to this project go to the contact page and we can get you started today!

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1964 Licoln Continental with Suicide Doors Updated!!!

In This Classic 1964 Licoln Coninental.From the grond up from new insulation to a new top. Upholstering the interior and Carpeting with new OEM door panels. We will keep you posted as we go with this classic!

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1949 Plymouth Suburban Headliner/ Seat Belt/ Arm Rest

In This 1949 Plymouth Suburban We are recreating from scratch a new headliner. creating new visors and reupholstering the armrests. We will keep you updated as we go along. If you have a project please visit our home website and tell us your project for a free estimate today!

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1957 Chrysler New Yorker – Custom Convertible Top with Strata Glass & Original Material

In this Beautiful 1957 Classic Chrysler New Yorker we removed the old top and created a new one from scratch. With the matching but new materials used on this New Yorker when it first came out. Installed with Strata-Glass Scratch resistant plastic window that will last for years to come. With Our Highly skilled professional team of trimmers putting out a great finished product.

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2004 Toyota Tundra iForce V8 AWD Front Seats Leather

In This Project our client wants to get back that new car look by getting back the elegant ruffles in the Two front seats again so we are reupholstering then to have them again. we will keep you posted as we go along.

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